PAPR SE0001 (Powered Air-purifying Respirator)


- EN 12941:1998+A1:2003+A2:2008 TH2 P R SL

-Effective protection against breathing, eyes and skin

-Designed to enhance comfort

-The loose-fit head mask does not require a fit test, which is more convenient and effective

Product Description


ADF Technical Parameter

-Viewing Area:98*89MM

-CE Optical Class: 1/1/1/2


Sensitivity:1-6 levels digital control

Switch  Time(23℃):<1/30000S

Delway Time:0.1-1.0s digital control

Power Supply: solar cell, 1*CR2450 Li-battery Change Required

Shade Control:internal (digital)

Shade State:Din4/5-8/9-13

Operating Temp:-10℃~+60℃


Filter Box and Battery:

Dust filter box SE0003, Mars net+HEPA

-Conforms to EN12941 TH2P standard.

-Filtration efficiency>99.98%

-The spark catcher screen reduces the contact of sparks and other hot materials with the filter cotton.

-Thread connection:EN148 thread 40mmX1/7”

-Battery:maximum range of 10 hours


Turbor Unit:

-On:Tap to power-on, tap to select after power on high air flow or low air Flow.

-OFF: Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn off the machine. 

-Low-speed air flow:180L/min

-High-speed air Flow:220L/min

Alarm:Low air flow alrm, Low batter alarm, filter catridge replacement alarm

Size:247*105*201MM (with filter box)